Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A cat's eye view

Oh no, she is aiming that suspicious looking black thing at me again......

Must you do this during my nap time?

His foot is still relaxed.....

Okay, enough already. I am going back to sleep.


  1. Beautiful Lori. I'm very curious about what camera you got. I know at one point you asked about mine. I love the shots you're getting-

  2. HI Debra: I got a Canon DSLR. I got a model that they don't make anymore so about 8 months ago I got a good deal at Costco. Also got an extra lens. It was a chunk of change that I don't ever spend on myself, but worth every cent. I have not tapped what that camera can do. It means so much that you like my shots, since yours are so very beautiful. Thanks for stopping by...you are my first comment! Lori

  3. Great! Love it! Am definately adding this to my list. You have really captured the 'look' - if cats could speak, you nailed it!

  4. I still have a long way to go figuring out all the settings, but I am sure having fun taking pictures! Glad you liked it! Lori