Thursday, March 1, 2012

A little island of creativity

Found this little artists community in Old Town San could really feel the creativity there. I wanted to stay, wander around for a bit......

It's a healthy thing to do, to create something from's art!

All the items had prices on them, but I have a feeling the real value was in the making......the smiles that come when you are letting something flow from inside yourself, doing what you were meant to do.

And then to see my first daffodil of the year! My heart always smiles when I see one, especially the firt one of the year.........

A little bit of sunshine coming up through the earth....

A gift from God. 


  1. Very nice place, Lori, only a cup of coffee needed and I could stay there for a whole afternoon as well!

    Pa, pa :-)

  2. I love the colors there -- so vibrant.

    There is something about the forerunners of spring-- the daffodil -- the John the Baptist of nature. :)