Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pink Camellias

I took these in my hometown of Lodi, California........this is the church my Grandpa and Grandma used to attend. I remember the ice-cream socials they used to have in the summer. And the dinners in the church fellowship hall. With spaghetti and limp iceberg lettuce salads. And hokey sing-a-longs where my Dad and I would be fighting laughter because we always thought the same things were funny.

Sometimes they were excruciating, but I wish I could have just one night like that back.

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  1. If we only knew then, what we know now -- even though that's a line from a country song, it seems appropriate.

    I love what you remember --- I'd love to have another few minutes with my father or mother too -- I'll see them in Heaven though. :-)

    and camellias are such a rich flower. D and I have two in our yard -- one is fifteen feet tall -- red blooms -- I love it that it blooms in winter and gets snow on its blossoms.

    Love the photos.