Monday, January 2, 2012

Best Buds

Syd, there she is aiming that black thing as us again.....

Ears alert for snacks coming our way....

I love my brother.....

Eleven years together, with only a scuffle every now and then....

Best buds from day one....

I am grateful for another year with these guys. They provide endless joy and entertainment and love without condition. Thank you Briggs and Sydney for the gifts you give us just by being here.


  1. Lori, what a wonderful news about your new blog and how wonderful photos, how miraculous cats!!! :-))) I am very, very glad you opened this blog and am going to visit you often, although maybe not always regularly enough.

    All the best in New Year!

    And many beautiful shots :-)

    See you!

  2. Thank you Magdalena, and I love your name....I hope you will come back and I will be visiting you too! Best wishes and blessing for your New Year...Lori

  3. OMG -- I love the "Boys." Love them....

    Next time, we adopt, I'm getting two.


    Tallulah just lifted her head at me -- she's curled up next to me on the couch -- surely, she is not like ..... psychic?

  4. Thank you Harriet....they are really something, of course I am a little prejudiced, I love when people say they love my "boys" And yes, I am sure Tallulah is psychic, she knew you were sending positive vibes to other felines!

  5. I just showed hubby these guys, and he's crazy about the white one. LOL

    He said, "Oh golly. Look at those bears." {you know he calls cats, bears?]

    Hubby loves him a feline. :)